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Thank you to those that participated in our Parents Club Meeting event on January 31, 2018 held in the atrium! A special thank you goes out to Patti Fabrizio for helping to promote and coordinate the event.

The forum presented an opportunity for parents of the Saint Patrick community to learn more about current and future doings from the principal’s prospective. In addition, families were given an opportunity to ask questions and further discuss other issues that needed clarification or additional explanation.

Below is a summary of the agenda items :

Message from the Principal

Recent news coverage

As you may be aware, there have been news reports regarding the flu at Saint Patrick. I apologize that the news story has caused you concern. Unfortunately, not all the story was completely factual.

The current strain of flu is causing issues for everyone around the country including schools, businesses, etc. While Saint Patrick was used as an example, the flu has been more prevalent than in the past and is impacting more people including many schools in the Chicagoland area.

Students were absent for a variety of reasons, and while the flu was the most common reason given for their absences, there were students who were not in school for reasons that were not health related. We did and will continue to recommend, as we do in any cases with illness, to both our students and faculty that they should remain home if they do not feel well.

Saint Patrick is cleaned and disinfected each night to minimize any germs being transferred. We continue to monitor the health and well-being of our students and faculty and will notify you of any updates, if needed.

Tax Credit Scholarship Update

Many of our families have applied for the various SGOs (Scholarship Granting Organizations) since applications opened on January 22. These scholarships will be instrumental in helping current and future Shamrock families. We are eternally grateful to the donors and corporate dollars that are helping to fund this program. For an update on which SGOs are available to apply to, please click on the following link: https://www.stpatrick.org/tax-credit-scholarship/ .

Results of test day

We had 267 prospective students take the entrance exam, which included the make-up date. This is up 20% from the previous year’s test numbers. I thanked the parents for all their help and asked for their continued support as we try to solidify the student’s commitment to Saint Patrick High School.

Congrats to our Bowling, Chess, and Robotics Teams!

Our Bowling team competed at the IHSA Bowling State Tournament on January 26 – 27 and our Chess Team recently qualified to compete down state February 9-11. Our Robotics team competed at the First Tech Challenge hosted at St. Pat’s and finished 3rd overall! Robotics teacher, Kori Bowns, provided the structure for Team Captains to lead their teams of student engineers.

I'm a medical journalist covering cardiology news.

A gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic has uncovered a rare but potentially serious association between the angiotensin II receptor antagonist (ARB) olmesartan and severe gastrointestinal problems that resemble Celiac disease. The report has been published online in Mayo Clinic Proceedings .In the US, olmesartan is sold as Benicar and, in combination with other drugs, as Azor, Benicar HCT, Tribenzor.

Dr. Joseph Murray first suspected the connection when two patients with refractory Celiac disease experienced symptomatic improvement after discontinuing olmesartan treatment. He eventually identified a total of 22 people over 3 years with unexplained chronic diarrhea and enteropathy who were taking olmesartan. 14 patients had symptoms so severe that they were hospitalized. All the patients were unresponsive to a gluten-free diet and did not have tissue transglutaminase antibodies in the blood, which are used to detect celiac disease. After discontinuing olmesartan all the patients gained weight and had an improvement in symptoms.

“We thought these cases were celiac disease initially because their biopsies showed features very like celiac disease, such as inflammation,” said Dr, Murray, in Zabre Ivanka Trump SxEWx9CA
. “What made them different was they didn’t have the antibodies in their blood that are typical for celiac disease.”

In a statement released on video , Murray emphasized that "the great majority of patients on this medication (olmesartan) do not need to do anything." However, he recommended that patients taking olmesartan discuss this finding with their physician if they"are experiencing GI symptoms or unexplained weight loss" or "if a diagnosis of celiac disease has been made in the recent past."

Murray acknowledges that there is currently no evidence demonstrating a cause-and-effect relationship. “We’ve reported an association," he said. "What needs to be known next is the science to understand why there is such an association.”

Hypertension expert Franz Messerli offered the following comment:

Recommended by Forbes

The report from the Mayo Clinic suggesting that olmesartan is associated with severe gastrointestinal adverse effects is of concern. Olmesartan sales have exceeded 500 million a year in the US alone and the drug, as are all ARBs, is perceived as being unique because of its paucity of side effects. Several issues should be scrutinized in this context:

1. Were any of the patients re-exposed to olmesartan and did the symptoms recur? Mere cessation of a drug and vanishing of a symptom is not an acceptable criterion for confirming a cause and effect relationship. Only systematic (and not anecdotal) re-exposure can confirm that the GI side effects were indeed due to olmesartan.

Anything about running

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Laurentian Rogaine

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by judi » Sat Mar 12, 2011 5:14 pm

Jennifer, you mentionned that you are signed up to do this 6 hour event. It sounds fascinating. So my question to you is this: Do you know how to use a map and compass? How does someone get trained to use a map and compass?
Posts: Joined: Location:

by Baylie2 Via Spiga KEV7B6la0
» Sat Mar 12, 2011 11:26 pm

whats the website?
oh and btw I am a rockstar with a map

by Denis » Sun Mar 13, 2011 12:55 am

Here's the May 7th Event Website for my favourite Map Rockstar: Katherine Leather Moccasins XXLDZhaDbO
This is the home page for both the Spring and Fall events: Lounger Volcom SBaqaQpmeY

by Nicole » Mon Mar 14, 2011 12:06 pm

This looks like fun!

by Jennifer » Tue Mar 15, 2011 5:44 pm

On the weekend, I met Francis Falardeau the organizer of the Laurentian Rogaine. What a fascinating guy! A true Rogaine is 24 hours, but he organizes the Spring 6 hour Rogaine and Fall 8 hour Rogaine. Yes, you need to know how to navigate, and there are organizations that can teach it as well. This past Sunday, I did a snowshoe orienteering course (7.7km) in the Morgan Arboretum with the Ramblers Orienteering. Navigating the map alone was kind of scary, but once I got started, I was okay. In this case, I had to do the checkpoints in order, but for the Rogaine, a plan needs to be made to get the most number of points and get back to check in before 6 hours is up (or you lose points). I will be on a team with two of my work colleagues from GlaxoSmithKline who I run with every time we have a Sales meeting together. The race can be done in teams of 2 to 4, mixed, male, female, and various age categories (based on the average age of the team), so there are a lot of categories. Don't know what else to tell you about it, except that I think it's going to be pretty cool (à la "100 on 100" but without going away for the weekend). If people are interested to form one or several Boreal teams, just post to this link and sign up a team...now is the time for registration!
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